Architectural Sheet Metal

Bauen Commercial Roofing and Sheet Metal provides custom metal roofing, wall panels and so much more for all of your building needs. With Bauen, you work with experienced professionals.


Metal Roofing Systems

Bauen Corporation supplies and installs standing seam and exposed fastener metal roofing systems from the top metal manufacturers. Because of our vast experience with these systems, we are able to provide manufacturer warranties on the material and labor of the system.

Metal Roofing by Bauen

Metal Wall Systems by Bauen

Metal Panel Systems

Bauen Corporation offers a wide variety of single skin metal wall panel, soffit and screen wall systems from the most popular manufacturers including Firestone, Berridge, MBCI, Metal Sales and more.

Composite Metal Wall Systems

Bauen Corporation installs composite metal wall panel systems from a variety of manufacturers. Our manufacturers have access to all the popular raw material suppliers including Reynobond, Laminators and Alpolic.

Composite Metal System by Bauen

Metal Roof Capping by Bauen

Roofing Related Sheet Metal Flashings and Accessories

Bauen Corporation provides and installs roofing related flashings and trims. We have the ability to fabricate custom trims in house using materials from the highest quality manufacturers. We also have the capability to tie in warranties with Firestone Building Products to give the customer a fully packaged warranty when using their branded products. We also provide and install the latest ES-1 copings from Firestone, Metal Era and Hickman.

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